Blast at Bossons Glacier

October 13, 2019 Mountains

It was past midnight, my camera directed towards the Aiguilles of Chamonix, when an intense blast cut through the air. The burst was getting stronger and I felt it was getting closer to me.

The intense sound came from Bossons Glacier, whose face was about 300m above me.

I got paralyzed. In the first instance I thought the whole glacier was just getting loose and it will come down like an avalanche sweeping me away, like a leave.

The sound was getting stronger and stronger for about 30 seconds, until I saw in the full moonlight a huge block of glacier tumble on the rocks below and disintegrate.

An experienced mountaineer would know there was no real threat at the point where I was standing. But having not too much experience in big mountains and being there all by myself intensified the traumatising feeling.

The overwhelming fact is, that in the mid of October at 1am on 1500m altitude the temperature was well over 10°C. It was a striking experience of the accelerating disappearance of glaciers.