Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. 2011.

One of the four most dangerous whitewater rafting sites in the World open for tourists.

At the time of my experience, the Zambezi River was especially hardcore due to the dry season. There was not much water, so the river surface was closer to the rough and rocky bottom. This made the numerous cascades more wild and dangerous.

I was a tour-leader of an incentive expedition. Rafting on Zambezi was one of the highlights of the trip. When we were descending into the deep gorge of Zambezi River, just next to Victoria Falls, some men were playing it tough and arogant. But during the really extreme course they were the first ones willing to climb up the steep walls of the gorge just not to continue on rafting on the insanely wild Zambezi River. Women were the ones having a blast and fearing the least the extremely wild course.

Miraculously I didn’t loose my camera, although several times I was sure it was already gone.


The story was published in National Geographic Traveler Poland (1/2013).

You can download PDF here.