New place. Different reality. Strangers.

The emigration I dreamt of was exhausting me.

Back in my native land I was very distressed. Nationalism, conservatism, envy, homophobia – I couldn’t stand the social standards that surrounded me. I wanted a better future for myself and my family. Nature played a significant role as well in my desire to move.

In 2007 I was shooting a story for National Geographic in Chamonix. While landing in Geneva I saw a paradise – turquoise lake, a decent city on its bank and Mont Blanc hovering the area. Geneva has become my secret destiny.

In 2018 my Wife made it possible. Being an incredibly savvy businesswoman she found a job in Geneva. We decided to take the leap.

Back in Poland we were pretty comfortable. Own apartment and low rents to pay. Parents and nanny to help out with the kids. Long-term clients supporting my freelancing profession. In Geneva we were starting from zero.

After moving in there was little to no time for appreciating the area. My wife worked around the clock. The atmosphere at her work was far from friendly. The kids were small and there were no places in public kindergarten. There was no options to send them to private, because after moving from Poland even apples seemed expensive for us – let alone private kindergarten for 200,- CHF a day. Nannies were also out of our budget.

I became house man. Which was a huge hit to my ego.

The photographs in the series show moments when the world around me was visually representing what I felt at this very moment.

Geneva, Switzerland. 2020.

Master of Arts in Photography

The “New Home” Series became my practical work for Master of Arts in Photography degree at the Institute of Creative Photography on the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic (

The promotor of my work was Prof. PhDr. VladimĂ­r Birgus – the founder of the Institute, which is regarded one of the best schools in Central Europe.

The title of my theoretical work was: “Fashion Photography in the 1960’s in Poland”. I examined the condition of a photography genre which seemed completely opposite to the then existing political order.

I received the Masters degree with Honours.