The architecture of castles and palaces of Kłodzko Valley

Kłodzko Valley, Poland. 2017

Lower Silesia, including Kotlina Kłodzka – the patrimony of the photographer – is an area with the largest number of castles, palaces and mansions in Europe. In the times of communism, these castles were taken away from the owners illegally. They were, however maintained by state agencies in very good condition. When in the 90s Communism gave way to capitalism, a difficult period for these extraordinary buildings came. These facilities were either sold to illegal investors or were abandoned – and fell into decay. Many stories can be created around these castles and palaces. These can be about the legitimate heirs who can not retrieve the ownership. About the homeless who live in abandoned palaces. Or about the everyday of the natives living in the shadow of decaying monuments.

The idea behind the cycle is to show the problem from a different side. From the side of the castles themselves. Sophisticated details of decoration and decaying beautiful interiors – they are directly witnessing countless human stories and the victims of human action – or omission. Pictures come from a dozen or so castles and palaces lying in the Kłodzko Valley. Part of they are losing their desolation. Some, it would seem, had more luck – they found new owners. Unfortunately, many buyers do not care about saving monuments, but on profiting from the sale of valuable inventory.

Bachelor’s Project

Institute of Creative Photography

  • Galerie KUPE Opava Architektura ve fotografii polských autorů, 2019